Welcome to Aid2Hearing

Aid2Hearing combines first class consultations with the latest technology to provide you with a comprehensive hearing healthcare service in the comfort of your own home.

Aid2Hearing's close relationships with the world's finest suppliers ensure that we can offer you the very best service at the most competitive prices.
Consultations are carried out in the comfort of your own home.  We make every effort to provide an efficient and uniquely personalised service, based on an understanding of your specific needs. We realise that numerous questions need to be answered before the fitting of a hearing aid is embarked upon and we are happy to discuss the various aspects in a relaxed environment before any decision is made. As an independent dispenser, we are able to deal with most major manufacturers and thus have access to the widest possible selection of hearing aids.
All our hearing aids are fitted on a one-month trial basis. This means you will have the chance to experience your new hearing instruments in all your listening environments, and together allows us to make any adjustments needed to reach the optimum fitting. It is recommended that we meet a minimum of three times over the month; the initial fit, first adjustments, final adjustments.