Hearing Protection

Protecting your hearing in a noisy environment is extremely important. At Aid2Hearing we take noise protection very seriously and fit noise protection for all kinds of people and their different requirements including musicians, motorcyclists and for those who may be struggling to sleep well.  Musicians rely heavily on their hearing so it is paramount that they look after their hearing when rehearsing or playing in dangerous noise levels over long periods of time. Generic earplugs are often difficult to keep in the ears and as well as being uncomfortable they can make the sound you are listening to muffled or distorted. Custom ear plugs are tailor-made to the shape of your ear so they fit you perfectly and comfortably, ensuring a seal and no leakage of dangerous noise levels.

 Musicians Noise Protection

The earplugs we supply provide musicians with the isolation they require whist retaining the sound quality of the music. Manufactured under strict controls they are fitted with a calibrated filter that reduces the sound in a level way so that the sound is preserved and it is just like turning the volume down! There are different types of filter options, e.g 9,15 and 25 and the filters and moulds are available in a large choice of colours. Please call if you would like advice on what filter would be suitable for you. The process of making a pair of  plugs is very simple and an appointment can be made at your convenience, either at my office or a location of your choice. As long as your ears are clear impressions will be taken and then the plugs ordered and supplied to you within 2 weeks.

Motorcyclists Hearing Protection


There are a range of motorcyclists hearing protection and communication products available. The custom fit means they sit comfortably under your helmet and you can enjoy the ride knowing that the wind noise and traffic noise is reduced to a safe level.

Shooting Plugs


It is really important for shooters to wear earplugs as they are exposed to some of the loudest, most dangerous noises that can leave them with permanent hearing damage. Earplugs for shooters come in a wide range of colours and materials and can be re-active or passive. Re-active (responds to the gun shot), passive (protection all the time).

Swim Plugs

Swim plugs are ideal for children or adults who suffer with ear infections, grommets, burst eardrums and need to keep water clear of their ears. Made with buoyant material and in bright colours they are a simple, easy way for you to continue the sport or activity you love.



Sleep Plugs

Need a good night's sleep? Sleep plugs help by reducing the noise levels in and outisde the room so are great for people with snoring partners, travellers, shift workers or those living in a noisy environment. Moulded to sit in the ear so that you can sleep comfortably on your side.