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Gisele Flower - The Musicians' Audiologist

As an audiologist based in London I have built up Aid2Hearing's reputation within the music industry as the place to call when musicians require custom made In Ear Monitors (IEMs) or noise protection. With over 15 years experience working with musicians and a passion for music myself I have close connections with sound engineers, musicians and producers who come back time and again for the 'perfect fit'.

Whether you are a gigging musician in large venues or a self professed audiophile you deserve to have the best listening experience possible and at Aid2Hearing I want that experience to start at the beginning of the journey by getting a great set of ear impressions taken.

Aid2Hearing is a recommended audiologiste by all the top IEM manufacturers in the world because they are happy with the impressions they get and the service their clients receive.

Please ask Aid2Hearing if you would like us to handle the whole order for you, from impression taking to shipping and ordering the IEMs, if you prefer.


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